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#703  - The Government Agencies Cannot Leave QuickBooks Alone

date   Monday, 11/10
  12:45 PM  - 1:45 PM
  Neopolitan III

Session Description

The IRS, in the Fall of 2010, announced that it would begin auditing small businesses using QuickBooks.  The IRS has continued to build its audit programs around this initiative.  It took a while, but now the States are getting on the Band Wagon!  We are seeing QuickBooks auditing spread across the US as well as penetrate into many tax areas far beyond income tax.  If you are helping your clients in any area that touches any type of business taxation, this is a must attend session.  Sort out your chances of seeing audits of your clients.  This session will discuss how these developments are impacting accountants and their clients across the US. We will review best practices for small business auditing and help you build better systems for your clients.




Bruce Andersen, CPA, is the founder and principal of Bruce Andersen, CPA, and BTA Consulting & Training. He is a CPA (California), holds a Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University, and is a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. He has been a faculty member of the School of Business for the University of Phoenix for nine years. Bruce has been a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for many years. He has represented business clients with QuickBooks audits and consulted to many tax professionals involving QuickBooks audits. Previous awards include being named to CPA Magazine’s Top Fifty Practitioners before the IRS, Source Media’s Top 100 Technology Pacesetters five times, and Bob Scott’s Killer VAR List. Bruce has a keen interest in the developments of IRS examination of Small Business and writes frequently about it.

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